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DesperateSeller makes finding a cheap car even easier

With the launch of DesperateSeller’s new cheap cars section grabbing a bargain has never been easier.

“The purpose of the new section is to allow our customers quick access to the vehicles that have had their sale price reduced. All of the cars for sale listed have recently been reduce in price by the car seller”, said Rodney Joseph, Director. “We have always indicated throughout the website when a vehicles sale price has been lowered within our normal search but never devoted an entire section just to reduced cars”, he went on to say.

The decision to create a devoted section was reached after DesperateSeller analysed their traffic analytics. There appeared to be an ever increasing rise in page views for cars with a reduced sale price. The decision was therefore made to allow users to exclusively find these vehicles.

Rodney commented, “Since launch the cheap cars section has been fantastically received with traffic levels going up daily. We are glad to be able to make searching for a bargain car on DesperateSeller an easy task.”

To view the new cheap cars section click on this link – http://www.desperateseller.co.uk/cheap-cars.


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